In a world where every sale matters, order-monitoring can help you get the most out of your store and save you from throwing sales away. There are many ways for online stores to throw away sales; without monitoring, it’s easy for these issues to cost the company sales for weeks and months!

Ad campaign not working

Ads are a great way to get people to know about your store, but if those ads aren’t resulting in sales, then it’s just money down the drain, and the sales you could have had from that marketing budget are thrown away. Analytics can help you track the conversion rates; however, that requires manual checking and is prone to human error. If you’ve launched an influencer campaign or something that doesn’t have analytics, then you could be very much in the dark about how successful it has been.

Your ad campaign could suddenly stop working. Sales you normally had would suddenly disappear, and money would go down the drain on an ad campaign that is suddenly not working as well.

Order-monitoring would allow you to be made aware that sales are no longer the same and let you investigate it quickly, saving you money! It will allow you to get back to making as much money as possible!


Anyone who has been around tech will have seen that bugs happen often. Even the best teams in the world create and release bugs. They are a simple fact of life. Bugs can be big showstoppers or simply affect a small number of users. No matter what, these bugs can affect your sales.

If you have a showstopper bug, you’ll generally notice it reasonably quickly, within a few hours or days. However, that still means lost sales, and sometimes the only reason anyone notices is if sales are dramatically affected.

If a digital agency is creating your website, it is a good idea to be able to know when they make a mistake and have them release a fix quickly to resolve the issue. Order monitoring allows you to be aware of the quality of work your digital agency is doing and whether they are costing you business.

Unreliable host

For your online store to sell, it must be online. Knowing whether or not your hoster is reliable is critical in any online business. Being online is more critical with e-commerce than it is with SaaS: If you’re not online, your customer will leave, and that sale won’t come back.

Your host could be overselling their servers, which will result in them being slow and costing you sales as they go down randomly for a few minutes without anyone from your company noticing.

Order monitoring permits you to detect issues like suddenly getting fewer orders at a specific time or no orders over a particular period. With our page load monitoring, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately determine your web host’s performance.

More sales than you can handle

Suddenly getting more orders than you’re used to could result in various problems: from running out of stock faster than expected before new stock can arrive to not having enough employees in the warehouse to handle the sales or not having enough packaging to ship the orders. The list goes on.

Order monitoring can notify you when the orders are abnormally high, allowing your logistics team to handle the extra workload, increase the price, or tweak things to reduce the number of sales (we’ve seen the last one done).